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Imagine how your
business would grow if
people truly understood
what you offered?

Your business deserves to stand out in a crowded marketplace but most businesses are wasting money on marketing that doesn’t actually get results.

Any of this sound

  • You avoid sending people to your website.
  • You need to launch a new product or service but aren’t sure where to start.
  • Your business struggles to get new leads.
  • Marketing and branding feels overwhelming.
  • You need more visibility for your company.
  • It’s hard to explain what your company does.

Our Clients

Grow and Scale With
A Strategic Partner
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We take away the overwhelm and frustration with a
proven marketing framework and expert strategy
with an all-in-one solution that actually works.

Smart Strategy

  • Messaging and Positioning
  • Marketing Funnels
  • Speaking and Training
  • Individual Coaching

Copy that Converts

  • Done for you services and coaching 
  • Sales Letters
  • Web Copy
  • Email Marketing
  • Sales Funnels
  • Lead Magnets

Rapid Visibility

  • Public Relations
  • Media Placement
  • Article Creation

Well-Made Design

  • Logos
  • Brand Guides
  • Marketing Collateral

Your Brand
Should Cut
Through The
Noise And
Get Noticed.

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We say that with total confidence. Once you have a clear message and savvy strategy, you’ll see your business grow.


My partner and I recently opened up a new law firm. Amy has been an invaluable resource in this process. She has not only guided us in our branding and messaging, she has been a constant source of support and encouragement. If you have met Amy before, you know she is a special soul who has a unique way of connecting with and inspiring people. Hiring Amy has undeniably been our best investment in launching our business. She is exceptional at what she does and a true joy to work with.
Kara Gleckler, Canyon River Law

How Much is Confusion Costing Your Company?

We believe your business deserves to stand out. People need what you offer. But they’ll have a hard time finding you if you don’t have a clear message, consistent brand, and smart strategy.
A muddled message and a lack of clarity costs businesses more than just money. It can affect your company culture and your ability to get media attention. But it doesn’t have to be that way
Amy Schutte owner of Hudson & co holding Marketing Made Simple book by Donald Miller

Grow Your Business With Story-Based Marketing

Telling stories is an important part of marketing but it must be done correctly for it to work.
We’re all about leveraging your story, producing quality content, and using the right words to serve your customers and your employees.
An investment in your branding will change your business and the lives of the people you were meant to serve. Imagine how your business would grow if people truly understood what you offered?
We’ve helped create million dollar launches, have worked with international brands, and know a thing or two about using the power of story. We’re tired of seeing businesses waste money on marketing that doesn’t work so we’ve dedicated our careers to making sure your investment in marketing actually grows your business.

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The best way to get seen, get heard, and get results in your marketing starts with your brand message, but most business owners struggle to write messaging that actually resonates with their ideal client. Use this comprehensive questionnaire before you create or refresh your website and sales funnel.

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    StoryBrand Certified Guide Official Badge

    StoryBrand Certified Guide

    We offer expertise in a storytelling framework called StoryBrand that has helped thousands of companies, big and small, clarify their message and marketing strategies. In a world where we see more than 3,000 company messages a day, the only thing that will cut through the clutter is telling a good story, the right way.

    All-in-One Solution

    At Hudson and Co. we provide the services, expertise and resources of a larger agency with the personalized service, individualized strategies, and affordable rates of a boutique firm. We bring together the best service providers to complete your project from web and graphic design to photography and content experts.

    Strategic Partner

    Most of our clients originally hire us for a project or service but always tell us later it ended up being some of the best business coaching they’ve ever received. We provide ongoing and monthly support packages for our clients who need more than just one project completed.
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