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Stand out in a noisy world with a compelling message and proven marketing strategies.

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Make the impact your business deserves with sound business frameworks.

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Achieve your most audacious goals and leave a legacy you’re proud of.

If you’re like most business leaders…

  • You dreamed big and started a business, but you’re losing the magic…
  • You’re ready to create predictable results in your business, but are unsure where to begin…
  • You dream of the day your team is unified and moving in the same direction…
  • Your marketing efforts consume a lot of time, but have lackluster results…
  • You want to stand-out in your industry, but you feel stuck…

Standing Out in Your Industry Doesn’t Happen by Accident

You deserve to build the profitable, predictable business that you’ve been dreaming about.
But that’s hard to do when you’re overwhelmed and unsure what step to take next.
Our coaching programs are designed to teach companies across industries how to grow and thrive even in tough economic climates.
We use a combination of timeless business foundations, cutting-edge strategies, marketing, brand psychology, and the most innovative storytelling frameworks to help you get out of overwhelm and on the fast track to success.

Our Business Coaching & Consulting Programs

An investment in your business is one you’ll get back over and over again.

Business Coaching

Customized coaching solutions for CEO’s, executives, and leaders ready to drive results, profits, and impact.
We focus on maximizing team productivity, creating proven systems for scale, and implimentation. We provide personalized business solutions combined with high-touch support for business owners and corporate leaders looking to improve performance and increase revenue.

Marketing Coaching

Creating a brand that stands out comes down to strategy and storytelling. The words, visuals, and way you communicate matter, and if you aren’t owning your message, you’re leaving money on the table.
Our marketing coaching services help you know exactly what to say and what to do to make your brand not just sparkle, but attract your dream clients with ease.

The Hudson & Co Team is Where Business & Marketing Savvy Meet

As Certified Business Made Simple Coaches and StoryBrand Certified Guides, our team is a one-two punch when it comes to powerful business and marketing coaching that helps people just like you get out of problem-solving mode and into the land of success with proven frameworks that actually work.
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A Message From Donald Miller

“I think you shouldn’t throw money away on marketing. I think you should get
a really great investment.”

Your Business
Should Cut
Through The
Noise And
Get Noticed

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We say that with total confidence. Once you have a clear message and savvy strategy, you’ll see your business grow.


  • “My partner and I recently opened up a new law firm. Amy has been an invaluable resource in this process. She has not only guided us in our branding and messaging, she has been a constant source of support and encouragement. If you have met Amy before, you know she is a special soul who has a unique way of connecting with and inspiring people. Hiring Amy has undeniably been our best investment in launching our business. She is exceptional at what she does and a true joy to work with.”
    Kara Gleckler, Canyon River Law
  • “I have to say that Amy is one of the most outgoing, knowledgeable and organized speakers I’ve connected with in a long time.

    Amy was able to relate to all of the attendees personally in their line of work and make some excellent suggestions for each individual. Even as a web developer (techie), we tend to wear the hat we’re most comfortable with and fail to don a new hat the clients are thirsting for. Amy was able to show me an effective way to communicate to website visitors quickly and have them asking for more information. As a result, I just signed a brand new client!”

    Janet Gill, Tamar Media
  • “Amy gave me more than I could have ever dreamed. I never knew working with a copywriter would be such a life changing and eye opening experience. Everything Amy said she was going to do she did AND SO MUCH MORE!! She pushed me out of my comfort zone, encouraged me to trust her and take a risk I was otherwise too scared to do on my own. Literally the first day after taking her advice I applied it to my website and it worked in less than 24 hours and continues to work exactly like she said it would! I’m reaching my dream clients now and I’m thrilled! Amy and her expertise gave me the confidence I’ve always lacked. She set me up for success in a HUGE way!”
    Ashley Bassett, Ashley Bassett Photography
  • “I had the opportunity to work with Ron who helped lead our Albuquerque operations. Ron oversaw 8 Little Caesars locations as a district manager. In his time, he proved to be a leader that had the ability to connect with his team, guests, and community. Ron displayed a servant leadership style that translated into a dramatic reduction in turnover, ultimately leading to greater sales and profitability. As president of Sizzling Caesars, I highly endorse Ron’s professional and personal skills.”
    Josh Hill, President, Sizzling Caesars
  • “Ron was instrumental in guiding JamBot Donuts through one of the most difficult things a start-up can face: an early financial loss and walking away from a bad deal. Not only did he provide sound business advise, “no deal is better than a bad deal,” he provided the encouragement we needed to keep moving forward. Ron tailored a recovery plan to right the plane. His restaurant experience was invaluable. JamBot got back on track, opening our retail storefront and increasing revenue in just seven weeks.”
    Nina Whiddon, Owner

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